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About Me

A little bit about myself...

     I'll be honest... I don't know how to start. I am not gonna use my real name since a lot I want to share should not be read by the people I know... so I am going to call myself "C". Here is why I started this blog, I want there to be a way that I can express myself and the things I go through. Another reason I started this blog is to keep a log of my experiences so I have something to show my future kids, and also to look back on when I am much older.

     I should introduce myself... my name is C and I am 20 years old. Not what you were expecting right? I mean kids now days try to vlog on Youtube and try to become famous, not write about experiences and feelings. I am Punjabi but I was born in Chino, California (east of Los Angeles) but by the time I was 1, my parents decided to move to Ontario, Canada. I just imagine what life would have been like if I was still living there but at the same time, I'm glad that I am here because life has been one fun roller-coaster that I love riding. I am currently in the process of getting my bachelors in Computer Security and I could not be more excited to finish and start my full time career.  

     I don't know what else I should tell you about. Not that I am hiding anything but, I am not the best writer to be frank. As you can see above I am a computer geek and in high school my mark in English was nothing special. I am still going to try my best to produce quality writing for your enjoyment. To future me... good luck with everything. Life is doing it's best for you, so keep your head up and carry on!      


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If you ever have any questions, comments or maybe you just want to chat, send me a message! I would love hearing from you and will try to get back to everyone as soon as possible!